Maxim Khanzhin

President, Association of the Rights of Motor Insurants

Born in Moscow, 12 November 1980

In 2001, Maxim graduated from the International Academy (Institute) of Marketing and Management.
Since 2001, he has been actively engaged in legal practice.

2006–2012: CEO of AUTO SALE LLC.
Since 2012: President of the Association of the Rights of Motor Insurants.

Public activities
2013: became Head of the Board of Trustees, Dream Skis Charity Fund;
2014: became a member of the All-Russian Leaders’ Club Entrepreneurial Association;
2015: became Winner of the Moscow Entrepreneur of 2014 Annual City Competition.

Personal characteristics: Maxim is hard-working, active, self-demanding. He appreciates goal-orientated, responsible people. He sees his work mission in furthering development of a civilised insurance market and increasing legal awareness in society.