Tatiana Ivashkina

League of Credit Unions, a national union of credit coops, CEO; NAUMIR, national microfinance organizations union, Vice-President

Graduated from Russian Economics Academy with major in Finance and Credit.
Ms. Ivashkina works in credit cooperation since 1994 and during these years came all the way from an accountant to CEO of League of Credit Unions, an organization recognized on both countrywide and international levels. She interned in credit unions in Ireland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Australia, and the US.
Her professionalism and unique experience are highly appreciated in the credit cooperation community. Ms. Ivashkina is a member of the Expert Council on non-bank credit institutions, microfinancing and credit cooperation at the Finance Market Committee of the State Duma, as well as Expert Council on microfinancing and credit cooperation at the Central Bank of Russia.
As a member of work groups, Ms. Ivashkina took part in designing business standards for the credit coops.