Yuri Sizov

First Deputy General Director, Lider Asset Management Company

With a DSc in Economics and a CSc in Technology, Yuri Sizov has authored more than 100 papers and six monographs on shareholder law, corporate governance systems, the stock market, macroeconomics and finance. He holds qualification certificates of all categories issued by the Russian Federal Securities Commission and Federal Financial Markets Commission.
From 1982, he was a postgraduate student, engineer and academic supervisor at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers.
1991 to 1993: Director, Territorial Agency of the Moscow State Property Committee for the North-Eastern District of Moscow. He was elected to the first Moscow State Duma (1993–1997) and headed its Budget and Finance Commission.
From 1995, Yuri Sizov was in charge of establishing the Moscow Securities Commission and subsequently became its chief executive.
1997 to 2008: Chairman of the Moscow Regional Branch of the Russian Federal Securities Commission, Head of the Regional Branch of the Federal Financial Markets Commission.
He was a member of the Management Board of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and an arbiter of the Arbitration Commission on Corporate Ethics of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Since 2008: First Deputy General Director, Lider Asset Management Company.