Gynedi Srinivas

Senior Payment Systems Specialist, Payment Systems Development Group, Finance and Markets, World Bank

Gynedi Srinivas (Srini) joined the World Bank in January 2013 as a Senior Payment Systems Specialist.
As a Senior Payments System Specialist, he is engaged in assisting countries in improving safety, efficiency and reliability of financial market infrastructures; participating in country and regional payment systems diagnostic studies; and supporting countries in implementation of payment systems and payment system reforms. He is currently working on projects in these areas in several countries across all World Bank regions. He also conducts training workshops on the Principles of Financial Market Infrastructures for various central banks around the world. In addition, he has participated as an expert in various Financial Sector Assessment Programmes in Korea, Singapore, Nepal, Jamaica, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Mauritius and Russia.
Before joining the World Bank he worked at the Reserve Bank of India, for close to 3 decades in senior management positions responsible for payment systems policy issues dealing with FMIs and retail payments. In this capacity, he was responsible for the oversight of all FMIs, retail payment systems, approval of new products, calibrating the risk management framework and preparation and issuance of policy guidelines and regulations. He also headed the business sub-group for the Next Generation RTGS system in India.
Gynedi Srinivas has worked previously as a Member of Secretariat in the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures at the Bank for International Settlements, Basel from 2000 to 2003. He has been a regular speaker at international seminars and conferences on payment systems and FMIs.