Jean-Jacques Rognant

General manager of the Consumer Finance business unit, BNP Paribas Bank AO

Advisor to the CEO, Cetelem Bank OOO in Moscow

Jean-Jacques Rognant was born in 1958 near Paris. He graduated as an engineer at Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds an MBA (with distinction) from INSEAD.
Jean-Jacques Rognant is currently a free lance consultant in Consumer Finance and has been working mainly in Russia since 2013, both as general manager of the Consumer Finance business unit at BNP Paribas Bank AO and as an advisor to the CEO of Cetelem Bank OOO in Moscow.
He started his career in the credit business at Compagnie Bancaire, a subsidiary of Paribas and spent most of his life abroad since 1988, as a general manager of various banks, financial institutions and leasing companies specialized in equipment finance and consumer finance, in Germany and in Poland. He has also been a member of the supervisory boards of many specialized credit companies and adding all the projects he has been active in 12 countries in Europe.
After a short experience in mortgage finance back to France, he joined the UniCredit Group in Consumer Finance, which enabled him to work in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and, in 2011-2012, in Russia for the creation of the JV-Bank with Renault and Nissan.