Marc Uzan

Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

Marc Uzan is the Executive Director of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee and was its founder in 1994. The Committee is a think-tank focusing on the international financial architecture issues through a regular dialog between markets and governments. He works closely with central banks, ministries of finance around the world, and also with the different chairs of the G20 since its inception in 1999, by bringing different stakeholders together in numerous seminars around the world on issues related to global finance. He is also the member of the Advisory Committee of International Finance Forum, and Member of the Advisory Board of Central Banking and Member and Vice President  of the Eurasia Club of Economists Scientists.

Marc Uzan is the editor of numerous volumes: Financial System Under Stress – A New Architecture of the World Economy, Routledge, March 1996; Private Capital Flows in the Age of Globalisation, Edward Elgars Publishers, 2000; Capital Flows without Crisis, Routledge 2001. The future of the international monetary System (2004) and a handbook on the international financial architecture with Nouriel Roubini (2006), and the International Monetary System, the IMF and the G20 (Palgrave 2007) and the macroeconomics of globalisation (2008).

He is the author of several academic papers on the new architecture for the international financial system. He holds a Master Degree in International Economics and Finance from the Université de Paris Dauphine. He has been a visiting scholar at the Department of Economics of the University of California, Berkeley.