The Financial System: Stability for Growth

6–8 June 2018, ST. PETERSBURG


Messages of support received by IFC-2017; Presentation by Elvira Nabiullina, Governor, Bank of Russia; Plenary session: Finance for Development

A dialogue between the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maksim Oreshkin and the Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina: The financial sector for the national economy

Panel session I: Banks’ fate: how to survive the challenges of fintech and regulatory pressure

Roundtable 1.1: Macroprudential policy and its role in ensuring financial stability

Roundtable 1.2: Banking Regulation for stimulation of economic development: opportunities and limitations

Roundtable 1.3: Insurance market growth drivers

Roundtable 1.4: Insider trading and market manipulation

Roundtable 1.5: Protecting the rights of investors and financial services consumers: the role and objectives of conduct oversight

Roundtable 1.6: The digital economy and innovations in the financial sector

Roundtable 1.7: The role of the regulator in enhancing the financial market’s confidence in the performance of auditors

Roundtable 2.1: The Russian economy: beyond the horizon (in cooperation with Vedomosti)

Roundtable 2.2: Dialogue with the regulator: from cleaning up of the market towards a consultative approach to banking supervision

Roundtable 2.3: Financial market infrastructure: from tradition to innovation

Roundtable 2.4: Improving financial literacy: regional perspectives

Roundtable 2.5: The Mir payment system: current and future services and technology

Roundtable 2.6: The problems and opportunities of Russia’s pensions market

Roundtable 2.7: Development of cross-border payments in national currencies

Panel session II: Major trends in the development of Russia’s financial markets: half-way there

Panel session III: Information security: current challenges and practices

Panel session IV: Global economic challenges for central banks

Roundtable 3.1: OSAGO 2017: what lies ahead for compulsory vehicle insurance?

Roundtable 3.2: The role of self-regulation in the financial market

Roundtable 3.3: Financial inclusion strategy: reaching a new level

Roundtable 3.4: Professional judgement: process justification, procedure, and transparency

Roundtable 3.5: 2017 Innotribe Startup Challenge Russia

Roundtable 4.1: 4% inflation: what now? International experience in sustaining inflation close to targets

Roundtable 4.2: Banking: the search for drivers of growth (strategy, products, technology)

Roundtable 4.3: Professional participants: the transformation of professional activity in the securities market

Roundtable 4.4: Bondization: a priority of the Guidelines for the Development of the Russian Financial Market

Roundtable 4.5: The future of microfinance: challenges and opportunities

Roundtable 4.6: Corporate information management