Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability

3–5 July 2019, ST. PETERSBURG


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JSC VTB Bank, its subsidiary banks and financial organisations (VTB Group) is an international financial group, offering a wide range of financial and banking services and products in Russia, the CIS, and select countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. VTB Bank provides a full range of banking services through a wide network of branches. Its subsidiary organisations offer insurance, leasing, factoring and other financial services. VTB Group has the most extensive international network of any Russian bank, with more than 20 banks and financial companies in more than 20 countries. As of 31 December 2018, the Group was the second largest financial group in Russia by assets (RUB 14.760 trillion) and by customer accounts (RUB 10.403 trillion). The Government of the Russian Federation is VTB Group’s main shareholder and owns 60.9% of the voting shares through the Federal Property Management Agency.

Russian Agricultural Bank, JSC

Joint stock company Russian Agricultural Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia, established in 2000 to facilitate the development of the national credit and financial system for agribusiness and rural areas. Today, the Bank is the leader in domestic agribusiness financing and a universal commercial bank offering a full range of banking services. Russian Agricultural Bank is among top financial institutions by capital and assets and one of the most reliable banks in Russia. The Bank’s regional network is the second largest with 66 branches operating countrywide. Russian Agricultural Bank has representative offices in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and China.

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Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank and a leading global financial institution. Sberbank holds almost one third of aggregate Russian banking sector assets, it is the key lender to the national economy and the biggest deposit taker in Russia. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is the founder and principal shareholder of Sberbank owning 50% of the Bank's authorized capital plus one voting share, with the remaining 50% held by domestic and international investors. Sberbank has more than 135 million individual customers and more than 4 million corporate clients in 20 countries. Sberbank has the largest distribution network in Russia with almost 17,000 branches, and its international operations include UK, US, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, India, China, Turkey and other countries. The Bank holds the general banking license No.1481 issued by the Bank of Russia.


Bank DOM.RF is a mortgage and construction bank operating in all Russian regions. In terms of capital, it ranks among Russia’s 40 largest banks. Project financing for developers is one of the bank’s priorities. Starting from 1 July 2019, housing construction switches over to a new financing scheme that involves escrow. At the instruction of President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Bank DOM.RF became the authorized bank for housing construction for catering to the needs of the construction industry during transition. Mortgages are a key retail segment for Bank DOM.RF. It developed its mortgage programmes and in 2018 almost doubled its mortgage portfolio, which keeps growing in 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, it totaled 66.9 billion roubles. Bank DOM.RF offers its customers a wide range of banking products and plans to further develop its retail business, as well as provide up-to-date services for individuals and small businesses.

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Official Water of the Congress

Mir National Payment System

Mir is Russian National Payment System. In December 2015 the first cards Mir were issued. Today more than 370 banks became participants of Mir Payment System, 90 of them start issuing cards Mir and more than 220 of them connect their ATMs and POS-terminals to accepted cards Mir. Joint Stock Company National System of Payment Cards (JSC NSPK) is the operator of Mir National Payment System. The main tasks of NSPK are to ensure uninterrupted processing of transactions made with the international payment system cards within Russia and to establish and develop the National Payment System. All processing of any domestic transaction made with a card of any payment system, including international payment systems, within Russia occurs through the NSPK Transaction Settlement and Clearing Center (NSPK TSCC). JSC NSPK was established on July 23, 2014. 100% of JSC NSPK shares belong to the Bank of Russia.

Moscow Exchange Group

Moscow Exchange Group manages Russia's main trading platform for equities, bonds, derivatives, currencies, money market instruments, precious metals and agricultural products. The Group includes Russia's central securities depository (National Settlement Depository), and the central counterparty National Clearing Centre, allowing Moscow Exchange Group to offer clients the full spectrum of trading and post-trading services. Moscow Exchange ranks among the world's top 25 exchanges by total volume of equities traded, and among the ten largest exchanges for bond and derivative trading. It is also Russia's primary venue for capital raising via the public markets. Securities of over 640 Russian issuers are traded on MOEX. In 2017, new equity and bond placements totaled more than RUB 10 trillion. The company was named a Forbes World's Best Employer in 2018. Moscow Exchange regularly hosts Exchange Forums in key global financial centers such as Moscow, London, New York and Shanghai to promote the Russian market among international investors.

PJSC “Sovcombank”

PJSC “Sovcombank” – Russian fast growing universal bank with total assets more than 952 bln rubles - #3 privately-owned bank in Russia by total assets . With more than 2,400 offices, Sovcombank operates one of the largest (#3) retail distribution networks in Russia. Bank has vast experience and expertise in corporate and investment banking and long track-record of successful M&A deals on Russian financial market. Over the past 10 years Sovcombank has been successfully finished more than 10 M&A deals with commercial banks, financial and fintech companies. Also Bank is the issuer of “Halva” card that is the first installment card on Russian credit card market with more than 160 000 accredited merchants in partnership network. Sovcombank maintains the credit rankings according to 5 rating agencies, international scale: S&P - «BB-», outlook «positive», Moody’s - «Вa3», «stable», Fitch - «ВB», «positive». Credit ratings by national scale ACRA - «A», stable», «RAEX» - «ruА», «stable».

Goznak JSC

Goznak Joint Stock Company is the Russian leader in security technology and solutions and is highly competitive in the international security product market. The company was founded in 1818 by the decree of Emperor Alexander I. Since then, it has been the only enterprise in Russia responsible for the production of banknotes, security paper, passports, and other security documents. The company’s products and technologies are exported to 25 countries and every continent except Australia. In recent years, Goznak has expanded beyond its traditional operations – banknote printing, print production, minting, and medal craft – to new areas: electronic data processing and storage services, the development of authentication systems for documents and banknotes in circulation, monitoring and control systems to track the circulation of goods, and end-user IT solutions.

The Russian association of cash-in-transit services (ROSINKAS)

The Russian Cash-in-transit Association (ROSINKAS) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) is one of the country's largest cash and valuables transport services. The ROSINKAS Association facilitates the Bank of Russia’s work in organizing the circulation of cash in the Russian Federation and is part of the Bank of Russia system. The Association is a reliable partner to credit organizations and large, medium-sized, and small businesses. The ROSINKAS Association includes over 5,000 specialized automobiles and over 20,000 specially trained individuals. The Association has branches in every federal subject of the Russian Federation. The ROSINKAS Association’s use of modern equipment, radio communications, combat firearms, defence aids, armoured automobiles, and highly trained personnel guarantee the security of its clients’ cash and valuables.


Leveraging information technologies is one of the primary ways that an organization can lower costs and become more competitive. However, this also opens the door to new types of risks, including those related to information security. The role of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) is to ensure that the population and businesses have a high level of trust in the Russian financial system. In 2017 and 2018, the Bank of Russia surveyed bank clients about their level of trust in the information security of banking services. In 2017, that figure was just over 40%. At the end of 2018, that indicator hit 70%. By 2020, FinCERT strives to hit a trust level of 80%. The primary criterion that clients use to evaluate the reliability of services is theft levels. In 2018, the share of unsanctioned monetary transfers using payment cards was 0.0018%. The Bank of Russia aims to keep this figure below 0.005% throughout the entire banking system.


Natural water BAIKAL PEARL comes from an artesian subsurface source at depth of more than 60 meters, in close proximity to Lake Baikal. Water from the aquifer flows into Baikal and is virtually identical to deep water, however there is a very important distinction – it contains useful minerals. Age of the water is approximately 20 million years, which is the age of Lake Baikal itself. Natural water BAIKAL PEARL is securely concealed in the formations and protected against any external impact, which guarantees its supreme quality. The bottle’s design and logo are created to enable each buyer to see his/her own Baikal in it. The key elements are petroglyphs from a cliff on the shore of Lake Baikal named Sagan Zaba, and a water line shown in a wave shape.

General Media Partners

Business daily VEDOMOSTI

Vedomosti Business daily is the source of business and economics information for 20 years. The professionalism of the editorial team, independence, honesty and tolerance to the audience and newsmakers ensure strong confidence among the readers. Vedomosti Business daily includes newspaper, web-site, mobile version and mobile app for all platforms.

Interfax Information Services Group

Interfax is the largest information group in the former Soviet Union and the recognized leader in the B2B Russian information market. The history of Interfax Group begins in 1989, when it was established as the first non-state news agency in the USSR. Interfax is the most frequently cited source in global media and provides objective, comprehensive and reliable information from Russia and the CIS as well as the most popular newswire service in the Russian financial market. After building reputation as a provider of trustworthy breaking news reports from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, Interfax spent the subsequent decades growing into a comprehensive information provider, creating professional IT solutions to assist with risk assessment, due diligence and KYC procedures, market analysis and business development. Our reputation as a credible source of information has allowed us to enter into joint ventures with major international companies such as Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. Having partnership with Sberbank of Russia and Experian, Interfax created the United Credit Bureau – the recognised leader in the Russian credit bureau market. Interfax's joint venture with the global leader in information services Dun & Bradstreet, provides comprehensive information about foreign business.

Media Partners

FSВI “Editorial “Rossiyskaya gazeta”

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is a modern multimedia group that provides readers daily with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information about Russian regional and federal affairs and worldwide events. The newspaper and its electronic platforms publish news, features, exclusive interviews and comments from public officials and the most powerful representatives of business, politics and culture. Today “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is the leader in terms of audience size in the segment of daily sociopolitical and business newspapers. It is also among the leaders of the media citation rating. Media holding of “Rossiyskaya gazeta” include: “Rossiyskaya gazeta” – Daily social and political newspaper “Rossiyskaya gazeta - Nedelya” – Weekly issue “Rodina” – Monthly historical magazine RG.RU – Web portal “Rossiyskaya gazeta” supplements – Special color thematic supplements.


Forbes is the most influential business magazine in the world. Is a symbol of success. In Business. In Career. In Life. It’s a multimedia platform that unites the richest and most powerful people in Russia: Forbes list members, current and former leaders of state companies and banks, CEOs of private companies, politicians, opinion leaders. We tell the stories of success. We write about finances, career, world economy and investments, breakthrough ideas and technologies that are changing the world now. Forbes is a reliable tool for a modern entrepreneur. Forbes is famous for its list of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia. The audience of Forbes is 1 095 100 readers. Print circulation is 90 000.

PLUS Journal and

The PLUS Journal is a pioneer specialized periodical, is intended for professional bankers and payment industry players. For as long as a quarter of century, The PLUS Journal ( has been informing its audience, accurately and objectively, about the latest tendencies in the global and Russian banking business, the landmark events in the market and payment industry, being also a definitive source of opinions and analytical studies of influential experts and specialists, thus helping the reader implement the most interesting business cases and achieve faster professional and career growth. The Journal is focused on the following areas: Retail banking, Digital banking, Payment business, Cash circulation, Business strategies, Self-service and cash-management, Regulation and laws, Regulatory Technology, Service infrastructure, Customer experience, Technologies and business cases, Security and cyber risks, Remote banking services, Mobile Payments, Remote identification, Biometrics, Acquiring, FinTech and Banks, Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning, Financial marketplaces, Internet of Things. Banking of Things, Blockchain and Crypto-currencies, etc is a single media space comprising financial services, retail banking and payment industry. The current base of subscribers to PLUS Journal and visitors of information portal, as well as strong business ties we have built for almost 20 years of work allow us to deliver information directly to top managers including directors, vice presidents and vice chairmen of financial institutions, production and technological companies, middle managers who directly participate in preparing and taking long-term decisions on implementing certain projects in banks and other commercial and government structures.

“Banking Technologies” Magazine

Based in Russia and founded in 1994, “Banking Technologies” magazine has a 25-years experience in providing a consistent coverage of technology and financial systems for the banking industry. Since in today’s highly competitive market, it is essential for financial institutions to maintain a competitive edge, our content has evolved together with the market to mobile banking and finance, distant banking, contactless payments, issues around Russian National Payment System, etc. For our readers – IT professionals in financial institutions – our magazine provides unrivalled opportunities in supporting business decision-making via access to industrial information on trends, best practices, solutions coverage and analytical surveys with data visualization via infographics. For our sponsors – our magazine provides opportunities to promote your company to an audience of senior decision-makers and IT-professionals in financial institutions. We deliver 12 issues a year, with the total circulation of 6 thousand copies, and supplements dedicated to events.

“Banking review”

“Banking review” is an overview of key events in the banking market, information about the intentions and actions of regulators, opinions of professional participants, business process practices, industry ratings and research, description of new products and services. Currently, the project “Banking review” includes: 1. Monthly business journal “Banking review” (with Best Practice and Bank Supervision) 2. Portal 3. FINAWARD 4. Industry conference

Prime Business News Agency JSC

Prime is the leading business news agency in Russia and a subsidiary of Rossiya Segodnya media company. It ranks 1st among the most-cited financial news agencies in the country.* An outstanding team of journalists and analysts works day and night so that subscribers will be the first to know the key Russian and global economic news and events. PRIME provides data to the Russia's Presidential Executive Office, Russian Government, Bank of Russia and other public agencies as well as to major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and leading business media. PRIME has an exclusive cooperation agreement with Dow Jones Newswires in Russia, publishing news items on the global foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets. PRIME is also accredited by the Bank of Russia to disclose securities information. The agency acts as a publisher and distributor of the Bank of Russia Bulletin. Besides, PRIME is an official partner of major trading platforms and rating agencies. Through PRIME Inforterminal the agency can broadcast a wide range of data feeds, news and analytic items and macroeconomic data. The agency's portfolio comprises over 40 corporate products and services, such as BIR-Analitik system – a tool for comprehensive corporate analysis and evaluation of business landscape, credibility assessment, identification of customers and market research. Another system – Prime Trading Terminal – is used to manage liquidity, conversion, deposit and credit transactions with bank subsidiaries and customers. *According to Medialogia’s information in 2018.

BIS Journal − Information Security for Banks

BIS Journal − Information Security for Banks is the first and only Russian trade periodical that specializes in various aspects of informational security of banks and credit and financial organizations. The magazine is published with the support of such government industry regulators as Bank of Russia, the Federal Security Service of Russia, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, and Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technology and Communications. It provides exhaustive up-to-date information about all topical issues of the industry, looks at protection mechanisms and various tools of information attacks, informs about changes in relevant laws, regulations, and standards, discusses current regulation requirements and new tendencies in the integrator markets, and covers many other interesting aspects of the field.


RBC is a leading Russian media holding, with leadership positions in news and business media, as well as in domain name registration and hosting. The company’s history counts more than 20 years. RBC employs key media platforms such as the Internet,TV,and press,develops B2B media services,and provides domain registration and hosting services (RU-CENTER Group). RBC’s aggregate monthly business audience exceeds 34m people (source: TNS data, including overlapping audience). At the same time, has continually been ranked among top online media in the citation ranking (source: Medialogia data for 2014). RU-CENTER Group provides services to more than 1 million users, with major Russian companies and leading players on the Internet market among them. In 2013, RBC’s brand was valued at RUB 10.6bn by Interbrand, an international branding agency, making it 24th out of 40 most valuable Russian brands.


BellClub is a community of business and active people, to whom we invite investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and any bright personalities worthy of their attention. There are already more than 3,000 people in our community; among the guests and members of the club are many professionals of such a high level that they themselves could act as speakers. We value our professional community, we are proud of the contacts that it brings. At BellClub meetings there are no random people and empty words. We hold thematic meetings, conferences, round tables and business breakfasts. Especially worth noting are fully closed clubs. They do not have representatives of the media, no accreditation, recording or video recording is prohibited. Once a quarter, we hold larger-scale events, which can have up to hundreds of guests, for example, a meeting in December 2018 with Central Bank Chair Elvira Nabiullina or a club in April 2019 with Anatoly Chubais, Chair of the Board of Rosnano. is the largest independent financial portal of the Runet, one of the most quoted media resources of a financial industry in Russia. Was founded in 2005. Among shareholders — Philip and Kirill Ilyin-Adayev, Elena Ishcheeva, Russia Partners investment fund. is a financial supermarket, information agency, analytical center, rating services and thematic forums. The portal covers events and offers products of the bank, insurance, telecommunication and investment markets. Key tasks of – to provide the most operational, reliable and detailed information about the financial market, to help clients with the choice of the most advantageous offers, to promote the companies in search of high-quality clients and to adjust communication between them. The monthly audience of exceeds 8 million unique users.

Magazine “Modern insurance technologies”

Magazine “Modern insurance technologies” published in 2007. The mission of the journal is to identify existing threats to the stability and development of the economy, as well as opportunities for the development and use of insurance tools to protect the economic interests of citizens and enterprises of Russia. One of the main objectives of the publication is to highlight the key directions and results of the implementation of the state policy in the field of protection of the population and enterprises of Russia from the implementation of risks.

Media-Information Group “Insurance Today” LLC (MIG)

Media-Information Group “Insurance Today” LLC (MIG) offers information and PR support of the Russian insurance business through internet portal “Insurance today” – leading expert, informational and analytical web-resource. Other activities are informational and organizational support of key public events held by the insurance community. The team consists of highly educated professionals, many of whom have worked in the insurance market for more than 15 years.


“Kommersant” is one of the first independent media companies founded in Russia. For almost 30 years, impartiality, accurateness and speed guided the authors of “Kommersant”, the first business daily in the country. These principles helped “Kommersant” to remain among the most reliable and influential media. Apart from the broadsheet daily, the company also publishes a weekly magazine “Ogonyok”, a weekly magazine “Kommersant WEEKEND”, monthly automobile magazine “Kommersant AUTOPILOT”, supplements “Kommersant DENGI” and “Kommersant KIDS”, monthly color supplement “Kommersant STYLE” about lifestyle and actual fashion trends. “Kommersant” has been online since 1995, and opened “Kommersant FM” radio in 2010. “Kommersant” apps are available for mobile devices operating on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms.