Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability

3–5 July 2019, ST. PETERSBURG

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his greeting to the participants and guests of the 26th International Financial Congress ‘Finance for Development’ that advanced technologies need to be introduced to enhance the competitiveness of the Russian financial sector and ensure its services are available to the public and business.

    “It is essential to ensure the stability of the banking sector, consistently reduce inflation, and reliably protect the rights of consumers. This creates new opportunities for investment and entrepreneurial activity. And, of course, cutting-edge technologies that meet global standards need to be introduced to increase the competitiveness of the Russian financial sector and the availability of its services to the public and business”, the president said in his greeting.

    He stressed that stability and growth in the national economy as well as the welfare of millions of citizens depend on the effectiveness of the country’s financial and monetary policy.

    Putin noted that the IFC brings together the leaders of the business community, leading experts, and representatives of the government and is a major event for the country’s business life. The president pointed out that a summer macroeconomic school had been organized for young Russian scientists and economists in the run-up to the congress. He said he was confident that such an initiative would help novice specialists achieve professional success.