Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability

3–5 July 2019, ST. PETERSBURG

    On 7 June at 11:00 Manege Central Exhibition Hall Presentation Area (second floor) will host the following presentation: RuData: a New System to Assess Value, Liquidity and Trading Activity of Russian Bonds based on Interfax, NSD Price Centre and Thomson Reuters Data. This presentation is part of the International Financial Congress.

    Speakers include: Alexey Buzdalin, Deputy Director of the Interfax Centre for Economic Analysis; Alexander Diakovsky, Chief Data Officer of the National Settlement Depository; and Petr Makarov, Director of Development at Thomson Reuters.

    Key topics for discussion: 

    • Pricing Centre as a new tool to improve the quality of the financial market players’ accounting policy;  

    • Developing Price Centre methods with the help of Interfax experts: different ways of assessing fair bond value based on the liquidity; trading activity and accurate assessment of the current fair value of bonds; value readjustment based on liquidity; bond liquidity rating;

    • RU Data Price integrated information solution developed by Interfax in partnership with NSD Price Centre and with participation of Thomson Reuters.

    You are invited to attend the presentation.